NCF Wealth Honored as ‘Best Chinese Financial Risk Control Enterprise’ for Thorough Development of Intelligent Technologies

Recently, NCF Wealth entered the list of ‘Top 30 Chinese Financial Risk Control Enterprises’ at ‘the 3rd Financial Risk Management Summit’ held by given its explorations and innovations in big data risk control, scenario-based empowerment, intelligent investment, AI identification and other intelligent risk control areas. 

According to reports, a total of 149 enterprises participated in the competition, and selection of winners of this award took several months. ‘Top 30 Chinese Financial Risk Control Enterprises’ were selected through a total of 300,000 online vote counts and a 50 top risk control experts' review, and the award winners were enterprises with excellent performance in financial risk control. 

At the forum held on that day, participants had in-depth discussion on the industry’s current status and future, focusing on the issues of compliance with big data, anti-fraud, overseas financial initiatives, empowerment of traditional financial institutions, micro-to-small enterprise loans and compliant collection. As an open platform for financial technologies, NCF Wealth started active explorations in big data risk control, scenario-based empowerment, intelligent investment, AI identification and many other financial technology sectors as early as 2013, and it has been committed to building a more open ecosystem, improving efficiency of financial services by technologies, delivering financial technologies, providing both financial and non-financial institutions with online user access, and offering one-stop integrated financial information services for users. 

According to NCF Wealth CEO SHENG Jia, ‘as a technical approach extensively used in risk control audit, asset pricing, post-loan tracking and other nodes, financial technologies will help to improve the efficiency of risk control, and better protect rights and interests of numerous investors.’ In addition to their extensive uses in internet industry and enhancement of service experience, technological approaches shall be used to improve efficiency and effect protection over investors’ lawful rights and interests.

Accompanied with rapid development of financial technologies, intelligent risk control has received increasing attention from the industry. According to expert forecasts, intelligent control will become the main field of competition of financial technology enterprises in the next three years, and the way to promote implementation of intelligent risk control and effectively facilitate rapid growth of enterprises’ businesses will become the top priority of the industry. 

Among which, the intelligent risk control system of ‘Tianyuan’ independently developed by NCF Wealth allows it to realize automatic machine audit and gradually build a sound risk control AI system. WAF firewall, IDS, IPS, vulnerability scanner and other measures deployed to the platform can also realize strong encryption, secure storage and transmission, ensure security and privacy of users’ information and avoid information disclosure. 

When talking about perspectives of financial technologies, some experts said that the market share of financial technology is expected to reach 10% by 2025, and its value will reach USD 6 trillion as a whole. Besides, China’s enormous demographic dividend and consumer market will not only provide huge development potentials for innovations in domestic financial technologies, but also give sustainable impetus to improvement of global competitiveness of China’s financial technology and financial industry. 

Big data, blockchain, AI and other technological innovations have already become power forces that drive the development of financial technologies, which greatly improved efficiency, transparency and security of financial services’. According to NCF Wealth CEO SHENG Jia, while bringing new industries, new types of businesses and new energies to the industry, digital technologies have offered more possibilities for financial institutions’ facilitation of real economy and implementation of inclusive finance. NCF Wealth will further strengthen its advantages in core technologies, risk management, product pattern and market deployment, continuously improve its ability to support private enterprises and serve real economy, and thus allow an increasing number of market entities to enjoy the convenience of financial technology services in the future.

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