NCF Wealth AI: As internet finance enters 2nd round, technology empowerment becomes the key

The fast-developing fintech has a great impact on the financial markets, businesses and services, and attracts global investors and entrepreneurs. The Global Fintech Investment and Financing Panorama Report 2016-2019Q1 (“Report”) released at the recent New Finance Spring Summit hosted by 01caijing (“Summit”) shows that the total amount of global fintech financing has maintained relatively high growth since 2016, dropped in 2018H2 but rebounded in 2019Q1.

 “To internet finance, if linear growth is the first round, exponential segmentation will be the second round, played in a completely different way. There will be many exciting opportunities, enough to accommodate a considerable number of unicorns.” Ran Yang, chief AI scientist of NCF, who was invited to attend the Summit, claims that for a considerable period of time, enterprises will connect scenarios as soon as possible based on their own characteristics. The scenarios are high-dimensional and the challenge lies more in the richness of products and the delicacy of scenario docking.  

In fact, ABCD (artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data) technologies have ushered in rapid growth in recent years, with increasingly higher content of technology and stronger attribute of its empowerment, gradually become an important force to trigger the change of financial market pattern and the iteration of underlying business logic, and attracted the attention of the capital market. 

According to Bai Liang, founder of 01caijing, from the outbreak of technology to the empowerment of finance, global fintech is entering a new period of development, and its development has always been highly interactive and integrated with the capital market. Over the past decade, fintech companies have raised 1 trillion yuan from the capital market through equity financing, of which China’s fintech industry accounts for a large proportion. 

According to the Report, China’s fintech financing amount in 2018 was 325.63 billion yuan, accounting for 74.7 percent of the total global financing, far ahead of the United States the second place (50.55 billion yuan), India the third place and the United Kingdom the fourth place. China has an absolute advantage in the amount of financing, accounting for as much as 87.3 percent in 2018Q2. 

As an open financial technology platform, NCF Wealth began to actively explore multiple financial technology fields such as big data application in risk control, scenario-based empowerment, intelligent investment, and AI identification as early as 2013. It has been committed to building a more open ecosystem and upgrading financial services with technology, exporting financial technology, establishing online user portals for both financial and non-financial institutions, and providing users with one-stop integrated financial information services.

 “We are looking at a market with great potential for development, where no enterprise will be dominant. In most cases, we build our advantages into high-dimensional scenarios and serve the customer groups closer to the product attributes.” Ran Yang emphasized that NCF Wealth has been working hard to create its own advantages of specialization and compliance, especially in the field of fintech in China. 

At present, NCF Wealth uses blockchain to establish a decentralized, safe, reliable and efficient platform system to facilitate asset registration, transfer, financing and liquidation, uses artificial intelligence to build artificial intelligence technology engines for sales forecasting, anti-fraud, post-loan monitoring and other fields, and uses big data to establish a data system covering omni-business scenarios such as enterprise capital status, inventory management, commodity sales, marketing and so on. 

Experts at the Summit agreed that global fintech will enter a stage of deeper technology application, wider coverage and impact, and equal emphasis on compliance and development. In the future, NCF Wealth will further consolidate its leading advantages in core technology, risk management, product model and market deployment, and constantly enhance its ability to support private enterprises and serve the real economy to enable more and more market players to share the convenience brought about by fintech services.

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