NCF Group enters into a strategic cooperation with the listed company of Nantian Information for facilitation of smart banking
Source:NCF Wealth

Accompanied with further development of digital technologies, banks and other traditional financial institutions have been accelerating the transition towards smart finance, and fintech companies have become an impetus for their transitions towards smart banking. NCF Group entered into a strategic cooperation with Yunnan Nantian Electronics Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nantian Information, stock code: 000948) on May 29, which allows them to provide commercial banks with fintech solutions represented by robo-advisor system, and support commercial banks’ retail technology related transitions.  

Sheng Jia, CEO of NCF Group said in the contract signing ceremony that ‘Commercial banks and other traditional financial institutions have significantly increased their inputs in fintech in recent years, which has become an impetus for transition and upgrade of traditional financial services. The two parties expect to empower commercial banks in no time by integrating NCF Group’s advanced fintech solutions with Nantian Information’s strengths in implementing banking IT system as well as its numerous commercial bank client resources acquired through in-depth cooperation, and thus help banks better support development of real entities.’ 

Also speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Xiong Hui, Vice-President of Nantian Information, said: “The long-term in-depth cooperation with banks has made us feel that traditional banks’ transitions towards digital banking are inevitable, which also provide us with an excellent market opportunity. The two parties will jointly give new impetus to the transition and development of commercial banks, and thus offer users more effective, convenient and intelligent experiences.” 

Yunnan Nantian Electronics Information Co., Ltd. is a leading professional digital service provider. Based on the five main businesses of software business, integrated services, product services, smart city business and innovation services, the company has been actively making deployments in cloud and big data business, and taking digital services as development direction. It’s in possession of over 30 years of experiences in information engineering projects in financial and other key industries. 

As an integrated fintech service group, NCF Group Co., Ltd. was founded based on UCF Group’s over a decade experience in providing financing services for SMEs and its client resources as well as the three consistently innovating and upgrading supporting systems of payment engine, data engine and intelligence engine. The group has been committed to serving three main business systems of asset management, transaction platform and wealth management, building a comprehensive, efficient, open, smart and shared fintech ecosystem, and providing users with integrated financial services featured by ‘finance + technology + lifestyle’.

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