NCF Wealth wins “New Era Fintech Creativity Award”, boosting a new pattern of financial opening-up
Source:China Business Journal

At the “2019 Financial Development Forum” held in Guangzhou on May 30, representatives from local governments, regulators, financial institutions, fintech service agencies, etc. conducted in-depth discussions on the new opportunities created by financial opening-up. In the selection of the “2019 New Era Top Financial Ranking” announced at the forum, NCF Wealth won the “New Era Fintech Creativity Award” for its practical achievements in fintech innovation and promoting financial inclusion and opening-up. 

NCF Wealth wins “New Era Fintech Creativity Award”

As an important means to promote financial opening-up, scientific and technological innovation has gained social consensus and made remarkable achievements in practice. At the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the combination of digital economy and artificial intelligence, industry and finance became a hot topic. 

SHENG Jia, CEO of NCF Wealth, claims that fintech represents a perfect combination of digital economy and artificial intelligence, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the financial sector to serve the real industry and enable more people to enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought about by financial technology. 

As an open financial technology platform, NCF Wealth began to actively explore multiple financial technology fields such as big data application in risk control, scenario-based empowerment, intelligent investment, and AI identification as early as 2013. It has been committed to building a more open ecosystem and upgrading financial services with technology, exporting financial technology, establishing online user portals for both financial and non-financial institutions, and providing users with one-stop integrated financial information services.

In addition, NCF Wealth uses blockchain technology to establish a decentralized, safe, reliable and efficient platform system to facilitate asset registration, transfer, financing and liquidation. Its independently developed “Tianyuan” intelligent risk control system, using the most cutting-edge mainstream big data and AI technology, can effectively cover all links of the platform’s main businesses, including data acquisition, storage, anti-fraud, comprehensive credit scoring, credit line approval, in-loan tracking, post-loan monitoring and overdue management. 

It is worth mentioning that the system realizes automatic examination and approval in seconds with risks under control, effectively improving the user experience. In addition, using the latest anti-fraud technology and evaluation model, the system also realizes accurate positioning of customers, greatly improves the differentiation of customers, and significantly enhances the effective recognition rate, thus greatly improving the efficiency of risk control. 

SHENG Jia said, “NCF Wealth will further strengthen cooperation with its partners to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, intelligent investment advisory, mobile payment, electronic payment, consumer credit, and so on.”

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