NCF Wealth: AI helps build new financial service capabilities for the Internet ecosystem
Source:NCF Wealth

With the rapid development of financial technology in China, digital finance and intelligent risk control have become the development trends of the industry. On June 5, at the first China (Hangzhou) Digital Finance and Risk Control Development Conference with the theme of “Innovation, Compliance, Intelligence and Openness”, hundreds of representatives from regulators, research institutions and enterprises shared ideas and discussed hot topics in the fields of digital finance, including future banking, microcredit, scenario-based finance, intelligent risk control, intelligent investment advisory, new financial consumer education, and so on.  

Although digital finance and intelligent finance have made remarkable achievements in promoting financial development and innovation and improving the efficiency of financial services, there is a more realistic and urgent need for the control of financial risks. Chen Weigang, director of the board of supervisors of key state-owned financial institutions of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, pointed out, “direction determines success or failure, and risk control determines fate. Risk prevention is not only a permanent topic for research, but also the lifeblood of enterprise development.”

 “The need for technological capabilities has been widely discussed and demonstrated by banks and other financial institutions, but the core capability in the financial sector is still risk control.” Na Chongning, NCF Wealth’s AI risk control architecture scientist invited to attend the meeting, pointed out that big data analysis, artificial intelligence model and other financial technology, as the widely used technical means for risk control audit, asset pricing, post-loan tracking and other key nodes, will help improve the efficiency of risk control and better protect the rights and interests of the majority of investors. The intelligent risk control system “Tianyuan” independently developed by NCF Wealth can realize automated audit through AI model, and construct a complete AI intelligent risk control system through financial big data. 

With the rapid development of financial technology, the industry has paid more attention to intelligent risk control. Some experts predict that intelligent risk control will become the main battlefield of fintech enterprises in the next three years, and how to promote its implementation and effectively help businesses grow rapidly will become an industry focus. 

As an open financial technology platform, NCF Wealth began to actively explore multiple financial technology fields such as big data application in risk control, scenario-based empowerment, intelligent investment, and AI identification as early as 2013. It has been committed to building a more open ecosystem and upgrading financial services with technology, exporting financial technology, establishing online user portals for both financial and non-financial institutions, and providing users with one-stop integrated financial information services.

“Addressing the actual needs of businesses and users, NCF Wealth has built up a fintech cloud platform with intelligent risk control products as the core, providing the lowest-layer, most basic and most efficient technical guarantee for new financial products and services.” Na Chongning introduced that after continuous optimization and iteration, the platform has been upgraded from the 1.0 version of computing cloud to the 3.0 version with AI technology and big data risk assessment as the core. It is learnt that NCF Wealth’s fintech cloud platform can provide financial institutions with accurate customer acquisition, traffic monetization, customer risk rating and screening, intelligent investment advisory, micro and small enterprises supply chain finance and other comprehensive fintech service capabilities. 

In the future, NCF Wealth will further consolidate its leading advantages in core technology, risk management, product model and market deployment, constantly enhance its ability to support private enterprises and serve the real economy, and work with more partners to build new financial service capabilities under the Internet ecological conditions to enable more and more market players to share the convenience brought about by fintech services.

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