Financial Technology Output

Through exploring and applying cutting-edge technologies, NCF Wealth establishes a crossover algorithm for multi-dimensional data, verifies and optimizes risk control modeling, builds an Internet technology innovation platform, and forms a comprehensive, efficient, open, intelligent and shared financial technology ecosystem, which helps share our leading financial technology capabilities, operational capabilities, service capabilities, and platform capabilities.

  • Intelligent Experience
    Intelligent Experience
  • Intelligent Strategy
    Intelligent Strategy
  • Intelligent Risk Control
    Intelligent Risk Control Intelligent Risk Control
Comprehensive Financial Information Service

The internet technology innovation platform provides a unified entrance for the first-rate services of different financial and non-financial institutions, creating a comprehensive and diversified investment and financing information service platform that will provide users with comprehensive, personalized, one-stop financial and other comprehensive information service.

Financing Service

Provide financing services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual businesses, self-employed people, etc., lower financing costs and thresholds, improve financing efficiency, serve the real economy, and promote inclusive finance.

Operation Capacity Output

Relying on the experience of NCF Wealth and its parent Group in traditional and internet finance, in addition to a deep understanding of the industry and strong data capabilities, we will promote changes of the industry by providing multidimensional enhancements such as operation management and talent training to emerging institutions.

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